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Blog post by Michelle Ferrara (Jack’s Mum)

January 28, 2015


It’s hard to even comprehend that it’s 2 years since that fateful day that took Jack’s precious young life way too soon 😓 It’s not a journey that any parent should ever have to endure and his loss is an ache that is felt everyday. The best we can do is to remember the absolute joy he brought to our lives. Jack was a kind, loving and sensitive boy who loved his sport, loved his mates, loved his family, so many things to even put into words. It will always be hard to resolve why this happened but he has become a hero in his right with the awareness campaign for Shallow Water Blackout. I can’t even begin to thank my sister Sharon and brother-in-law Gary enough for their amazing commitment to save lives via SWB education. I thank everyone who has continued to support me on this nightmare journey, my husband, my daughters, my family and friends, and those of you who are supporting the awareness campaign and spreading this important message. I have realised since 60 Minutes that I must look after myself so I can look after my family and although it is often terribly hard to face each day without my son, I soldier on to be the best mother, wife, sister, daughter, friend that I can be. Jack MacMillan you are a true hero, shining bright, holding a special place in my heart forever my beautiful son. Each new day means another day we are closer to being together again. You are loved so very very much and I look forward to our hugs and chats in my dreams and cherishing every wonderful memory of your life 💜💜

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  1. Rob Macdonald #
    February 22, 2015

    Thank you for the information on your Web page.
    I had never heard of SWB, until trying to find out why my fit healthy 18 yo son went unconscious in front of our eyes. The description of events and the personalities involved could not have been more accurate. The initial response at the hospital was, How much alcohol has he had? Were they mucking around? Until the chest X-ray was taken and aspiration into the lungs confirmed, then its taken a bit more seriously. Laryngospasm does not appear to protect the lungs and water flows into the lungs freely. Our son has fortunately had a complete recovery, post a stopover in CCU.
    Thank you again for the page.

    Grateful parents.

    • April 30, 2015

      Hi Rob,
      I am very sorry to hear that your son had what sounds to be a possible Blackout as this would have been a very scary time for all involved, but am very grateful to learn he made a full recovery. Very Lucky indeed. If you don’t mind I will send you an email as listed on your comment. Warm regards Sharon Washbourne

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