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For all enquiries or interviews, please direct them to; Sharon & Gary Washbourne. Sharon is Jack’s Aunty.

Email Sharon or Gary – Shallow Water Blackout Australia: 


Both Sharon & Gary, are on the board of Shallow Water Blackout Awareness Members of SWBP. They are registered with the International awareness program called (SWBP)

Please help spread the word by LIKING US and sharing our profile on Facebook. Shallow Water Blackout Prevention Australia – Facebook.

Please contact your local council member to ask them to organise signs to be erected at your local swimming pool. These signs are available email currently, contact Shallow Water Blackout Prevention Australia on email


DANGER - No Prolonged Breath Holding Underwater - Australian Safety Signs











Attn: All Media Agents/Journalists: please contact Sharon & Gary Washbourne via the listed gmail account and please be patient in a reply. You are also welcome to Private Message our Facebook Page.

Please respect the privacy of the family, as they have requested all media be passed through Gary & Sharon and all details related to their Shallow Water Blackout awareness and prevention campaign.

Thank you, SWB Australia