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Dangerous Holding Breath Poster

November 11, 2014



Sydney Aquarium used a dangerous slogan as part of their recent marketing campaign, encouraging children to hold their breath for as long as a Dugong. Read Mamamia’s article here:

Nic Fisher’s Story

November 11, 2014



Carly Jayet shares how Shallow Water Blackout claimed the life of her younger brother on Mamamia here:

Reporter Interview – 60 Minutes


“It’s something that we’ve all done” – Allison Langdon on the dangers of holding your breath in the backyard pool. Watch the reporter interview here in extra minutes:

60 Minutes EXTRA Minutes

extra minutes

CEO of Aust Swimming, Coaches and Teachers Association, Ross Gage, explains hypoxic training and the new guidelines keeping swimmers safe. Watch here:

60 Minutes Main Feature Story

60 minutes 1

“One moment 12-year-old Jack MacMillan was happily splashing about in the family pool. Within minutes, he was dead. There was no cry for help, no desperate fight for his final breath. Jack was the victim of a deadly but little-known condition called Shallow Water Blackout. It’s brought on by the simple act of holding your breath underwater and its thought to be the number one cause of drowning among competent swimmers. Kids are at risk in backyard pools right across the country and, believe it or not, they’re even more at risk in swim squads at the local public pool. Swimming Australia is scrambling to re-issue it’s guidelines around hypoxic training but, as Allison Langdon discovered, even our top swimming coaches can’t agree on what’s safe for our kids.” 60 Minutes

Watch the story here:

Swimming World, USA

swimming world

Preventing Shallow Water Blackout, A Leading Cause of In-Water Death Among Competitive Swimmers

In this video interview from American Swim Coaches Association’s world clinic, Dr. Rhonda Milner talks about the tragic death of her son from shallow water blackout that prompted her to create to educate people on the dangers of hypoxic training and why many don’t often see the danger until it’s too late.


Read the full article from Swimming World, USA here:

Behind The News

behind the news

ABC 3 aired a story on Shallow Water Blackout on their news broadcast aimed at primary school students in Australia. We were glad for their support in spreading the message of the dangers of repeat breathe holding.

Channel Seven Interview


Water safety group Shallow Water Blackout are warning parents to always watch children around water.

To watch the interview Sharon Washbourne had with Channel Seven news please visit their website:

Illawarra Mercury


The story about Jack’s death was the most read on the Mercury’s website this year, with more than 40,000 people viewing it since it was posted on February 15.

Read the story here: Illawarra Mercury

America News Story


Strong, capable swimmers can fall victim to Shallow Water Blackouts.


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